The location

The Grand Apartment has 1776 sq. ft. full of history, and it has been completely renovated and equipped with all the contemporary comforts in order to harmonize the modernism of our time and the aesthetics of the aristocratic 18th century.

Versailles Home Palace is composed of eight main rooms with a suite of lounges that are connected to each other.

These lounges lead to bedrooms with beds that can be removed to also serve as sitting rooms.

Versailles Home Palace occasionally allows its furniture to be converted or moved.

Therefore, the Grand Apartment has a dual function:

– In a personal setting it can be used as a large accommodation for families, ambassadors, business managers and for these kinds of people who travel.

-In a context of public and socio-professional relations, Versailles Home Palace has a set of reception rooms for parties, seminars, work meetings, social activities, filming, photo shoots and other events.

The Grand sitting room opens through a double door onto the Prussian stove room, both of which form a 453 sq. ft. complex, the Alcove sitting room opens onto an antechamber adjoining the dining room and onto the large yellow bedroom (which one could convert into a sitting room), and two other rooms beside the entrance could serve as cloakrooms or bedrooms.
Therefore, the Grand Apartment offers multiple personal or professional possibilities in a prestigious area.

Access and entrances

Two external staircases that start on the right and left of the entrance porch lead to each side of the Grand Apartment and provide a double access helping to accommodate easily a large number of people.

A set consisting of a kitchen adjacent to the dining room is located as a duplicate at both ends of the Grand Apartment, which allows to set up two conveniently located buffets.

The parking lot of the Palace of Versailles on Place d’Armes is a few steps away from the Grand Apartment and easily provides parking nearby for all vehicles.

The street of Versailles Home Palace allows parking and film trucks will find a parking space there by asking the town hall in advance for the necessary authorization to obtain a reserved parking space in front of the building for one or more days.


Two sitting rooms, four bedrooms, an anteroom, an entrance hall, a dining room, an independent kitchen, an open-plan kitchen, two bathrooms, two shower rooms with washbasins, two independent toilets with windows and two toilets included in the bathrooms.

Two bedrooms are equipped with a double bed.

Two other bedrooms can have either two single beds or a double bed.

In each living room, there is a sofa bed for two people.

A total of eight beds provides accommodation not exceeding a dozen people.

The Grand Apartment also has an interior courtyard in the building that has been transformed into a non-custodial garden equipped with a bench.

It is also possible to put deckchairs in the garden.

This inner courtyard once housed the carriage shed, stables and grooms’ quarters of this private mansion.

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